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Möllers Åkeri AB – Dispatch company international transports – Höganäs

Modern dispatch company with international focus.

Möllers Åkeri AB is a modern dispatch company with primary focus on international transports. We offer all kinds of transports between Sweden and the European continent. Our biggest clients include Höganäs AB and SCA, companies that are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


We are a family company that is presently run by the second generation, Alf Möller. The company is situated in Höganäs in the south west of Sweden, a logistically good location close to the main roads heading south toward Europe.


Today the company has 30 employees and runs over 20 vehicles, belonging to an extremely modern fleet of transport vehicles, where a majority of the vehicles are equipped with the latest environmental technology. All vehicles are driven by staff with many years of experience and who quickly can solve any problems that might arise.


We also have a wide net of contacts which opens possibilities for co-operation with other haulage companies. This makes the cargo handling more rational and the cost effectiveness optimal.










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